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4 leg wire rope sling capacity all about your lifting slings and safefy for your applications

December 28, 2021

4 leg wire rope sling capacity all about your lifting slings and safefy for your applications

4 leg wire rope sling capacity all about your lifting slings and safefy for your applications

Items:  Wire Rope Slings - Domestic - Four Leg with Hooks - Capacities: 1.8 to 73 tons - Rope Diameters: 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches - Leg Lengths: 4 to 15 feet 

Application: For general purpose overhead lifting using bridle hitch arrangement with quadruple pick points - Hoisting point is directly over the center of gravity of the load, the load is raised while level - Intended for crane applications, lifting, rigging, and material handling uses 

Description: Bridle wire rope lifting sling with (4) four single part rope legs. Flemish loops with thimbles are formed at each leg end by mechanical splicing. Assembly incorporates an oblong master link, and leg-end standard latched sling hooks. The bridle hitch provides excellent load stability when the load is distributed equally among the wire rope legs. Quadruple leg assembly has ready-made end attachments for lift applications. Elongated master link attachment allows additional clearance at the hoisting connection.

Wire Rope Material: Made from independent wire rope core (IWRC), which offers less stretch and resistance to crushing while maintaining flexibility - Fabricated from extra improved plow steel (EIPS) - Rope with diameter of up to 1 inch has an outer rope formed of 6 strands with 25 wires per strand - Rope with diameter of 1 1/4 inches and above are formed of 6 strands with 37 wires per strand 

Quality Standard: Manufactured in China - Bears a tag displaying the rated capacity - Meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standards under ASME B30.9 

The Difference: Low quality products can cause injury and damage. Look-a-like wire rope slings, often found at lower prices, are also often advertised to conform to the same safety standards, if at all. Be aware that it may refer to safety ratings in effect decades ago. So for example, under the same safety standard a decade ago, a wire rope sling may be rated to 100% without proof load testing while today it may be 300% with proof load testing. Be assured that we only sell the highest quality wire rope lifting slings, and our advertised safety standards conform to the current ASME standards. 

Industry Names: Also known as a 'cable sling' or 'bridle lifting sling' 

Includes: (1) one wire rope lifting sling 

WARNING: The use of a wire rope lifting sling requires that the cable angles be carefully determined to ensure that the legs are not overloaded - Never exceed rated capacity! 

Four Legs Pressed Steel Wire Rope Sling

4 leg wire rope sling capacity 

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