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How to Measure Steel Wire Ropes?

May 08, 2021

How to Measure Steel Wire Ropes?

Measuring Steel Wire Ropes

A plan about right and wrong methods of measuring steel wire ropes

  Right & wrong methods of measuring wire ropes

       Rope diameter is normally specified by the user or given in instruction manuals accompanying the customers' machine. So measuring the accurate diameter of steel wire ropes becomes extremely important for our customer to provide correct numbers. We believe the following instruction will give your some guidance:

  • Before you start measuring, check your parallel-jawed caliper is operating well.

  • Place the steel wire rope in a right way - the outer limits of the strands is touching the both jaw of the caliper as shown in the picture.

  • Then read the number the shown on the screen. It is recommended to measure the wire rope two or three times then get the average value.


  • Standard rope is allowed to measure up to 5% tolerance over their nominal diameter.

  • The broken steel wire ropes you want to replace may have smaller diameter than the new one owing to years of worn.

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