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6xV30 IWRC Triangular Strand Steel Wire Rope for Vertical Shaft Lifting

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LKS
Certification: CCS,ISO9001
Model Number: 6V30
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1mtrs
Price: USD1800/tons
Packaging Details: Standard Seaworthy Packing or as request
Delivery Time: 15 days after the order confirmation
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100tons monthly

Detail Information

Material:SteelSurface:Galvanized Or Ungalvanized
Tensile Strength:1770N/mm2,1870N/mm2,1960N/mm2Diameter:16mm-36mm
Length:500mtrs/1000mtrs/2000mtrs AvailablePacking:Wooden Reel
High Light:

wire rope cable


steel rope cable

Product Description


LKS specializes in the production and sale of mining wire rope, oil wire rope, the specification of oil wire rope, and the technical parameters of mine wire rope. Mine wire rope, mainly coal mine, copper mine, nickel ore, limestone mine, and so on, is generally a heavy-duty hoist, usually with vertical shaft, inclined shaft, inclined well with coarse wire rope, and the outer layer silk, wear-resistant, thin inner layer, reduce the force of the wire rope in the pulley operation, reduce the force, to reduce the internal force inside the wire rope. Fatigue breaking. The main factors affecting the strength decline of hoisting wire rope during mine use are wear, corrosion and fatigue breaking. In general, these three factors come into being simultaneous. Because of different mine conditions, the main factors are different. Therefore, different types of wire ropes should be selected rationally according to the conditions and experience of the mine and the characteristics of all kinds of wire ropes.
Attention should be paid to the following points when choosing mining hoisting rope.
(1) the galvanized steel wire rope should be used and the galvanized steel wire rope should be used as much as possible, because the corrosion of the hot galvanizing wire rope is much better than that of the cold plating (electroplating). Zinc plating is not as good as oil resistance.
(2) in the mine with serious wear, it is better to choose the outer thick wire contact round strand and special strand wire rope or surface contact wire rope. Typical structure: 6*26SW, 6*31SW, 6*36SW, 4V*48S, 6V*39S, 6*K36SW
(3) when the main cause of damage of wire rope is fatigue broken wire, the line contact wire rope with small diameter difference between inner and outer steel wire can be selected. 6*25Fi, 6*29Fi, 4V, 6V triangle strand wire rope is good.
(4) the wire rope for mine hoisting is good for the same twist wire rope. ZZ right cross twisting, SS left hand twisting
(5) steel wire ropes for shaft hoisting should be selected with multi-storey


non rotating wire ropes. 18*7, 35W*7. recommends that 18*7 be used in small specifications. Because the operation is not standardized, the wire rope will not be scrapped because of stress. Large-scale use 35W*7 as much as possible, but operation must be standardized. There are some wire rope specifications in this station. Please click in. If the requirement is higher, you can use 18*7K, 35W*7K, which is a multi-layer contact wire rope.
(6) steel wire rope for lifting the gangue hill with high temperature or open fire. Wire rope with metal rope core can be used. There are two kinds of steel cores. Single strand steel core IWS:1*7, 1*19 and 1*37,7*7 wire ropes are steel core: IWRC. Flexibility and tensile IWRC are better.
(7) the wire rope and the non rotating wire rope are best used for wire rope guide. If other types of wire ropes are selected, galvanized steel wire rope is appropriate. This is also a hot galvanized steel wire rope.
The practice has proved that the damage of wire rope in the shaft is mainly caused by fatigue fracture and corrosion, and wear is the secondary factor.
Wear and corrosion are the main factors affecting the damage

of wire rope in the inclined shaft. Corrosion and wear play an important role in the severely corroded mine.

Point of view: the selection of wire rope is very important. The wire rope is twice the result with half the effort. But if the wire rope is used properly, the life of the wire rope will also lengthen. Choose a good material wire rope, choose a good wire rope, choose the right wire rope, use proper wire rope, is the basic principle of using wire rope.






6xV30 IWRC Triangular Strand Steel Wire Rope for Vertical Shaft Lifting 0




  • Provide a larger contact surface.
  • Compared with the ordinary 6 ply wire contact wire rope, the pulling force is higher.
  • Excellent resistance to fatigue and wear resistance.
  • Suitable for large drum and low-speed application conditions, such as shaft hoisting.
  • Product parameters




Dia(mm) Weight(kg/m) MBL(kN)
Sisal core FC Steel Core 1770MPA 1960MPA
28 3.180 3.110 3.360 500 530 553 587
30 3.640 3.570 3.860 573 609 635 674
32 4.150 4.070 4.390 652 692 723 767
34 4.680 4.590 4.960 737 782 816 866
36 5.250 5.150 5.560 826 876 914 970
38 5.850 5.730 6.190 920 976 1,020 1,080
40 6.480 6.350 6.860 1,020 1,080 1,130 1,200
42 7.140 7.000 7.570 1,120 1,190 1,240 1,320
44 7.840 7.690 8.310 1,230 1,310 1,370 1,450
46 8.570 8.400 9.080 1,350 1,430 1,490 1,580
48 9.330 9.150 9.880 1,470 1,560 1,630 1,730
50 10.100 9.930 10.700 1,590 1,690 1,760 1,870
52 11.000 10.700 11.600 1,720 1,830 1,910 2,020
54 11.800 11.600 12.500 1,860 1,970 2,060 2,180
56 12.700 12.400 13.500 2,000 2,120 2,210 2,350
58 13.600 13.400 14.400 2,140 2,270 2,370 2,520


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